Global Business Company Limited (GLOBIS) is a broker and a trading company of raw materials and steel products, including ferrous and non-ferrous, semi-finished and finished products, coming from recycled materials. GLOBIS goal is also to put in contact the seller of any materials which can be recycled, mainly ferrous and non-ferrous, with any possible buyer.

We are interested in expanding our network in this specific field. If you are a sellers or a buyers of scrap materials to be recycled please feel free to contact us anytime. If you are interested in selling the best starting approach will be to email us a few photos, indicative quantity and location, of the material offered.

If you are interested in buying the best starting approach will be to email us what you are looking for, indicative quantity and final destination, of the material wanted.

Over the years GLOBIS has merged with some companies holding important know-how and specific in-depth operational capabilities, thus creating a group with strong commercial and industrial strategies. Today GLOBIS is part of an international organization offering a wide range of integrated sustainable services complementary to projects and synergies development.

By maintaining a lean and flexible business model focused on specialized lines of business units GLOBIS’s philosophy is to maximize the reuse and recycling of equipments, also allowing a high percentage of material recovery (waste minimization) to produce high quality product fractions (minimization of impurity), of both metal and plastic. We promote eco-friendly environmental initiatives that ensure high quality in service delivery as well as a correct and appropriate separate collection following the principles of environmental ethics.

We support both eco-efficiency, as the response to the demand of products and services with low consumption of natural resources, and the industrial ecology, which provides for the reduction of waste production, waste utilization, limiting the environmental impact and consumption of raw materials. Our prerogative is the ability to be flexible in all of environmental issues.

The company’s core business is oriented to the management of recycling waste from industry and commercial activities.